1 Drawer Bin Unit

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Australian Made 1 Drawer Bin Unit

  • unless selected - drawer hardware is not included in the packaging
  • if selected - you will receive drawer hardware and legs only for this cabinet
  • screws & joining material is not included - you can purchase the joining material in our hardware section

If bin option - include bin - is selected:

  • 400mm wide cabinet - includes 1x20LT + 1x10LT bins
  • 450mm wid ecabinet - includes 2x32LT bins
  • 500mm wide cabinet - includes 2x32LT bins
  • 600mm wide cabinet - includes 2x26LT + 2x10LT bins


  • Carcass: 16mm moisture resistant particle board
  • Doors and Finished Ends: 16mm, 18mm or 21mm, depending on the availability of the selected colour


  • To be safe, always test new products on a concealed part of the surface to be cleaned.
  • Avoid aggressive or corrosive cleaning products, abrasive solvents and materials. Keep in mind that the use of abrasive sponges and cleaning powders can cause the dulling of surfaces, removal or peeling or their protective film, or erosion of parts of the surface pattern.
  • Avoid using bleach, ammonia, or solvents such as acetone or alcohol.
  • Keep in mind that some detergents contain very acidic components which may facilitate the cleaning of some materials but damage others. Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are a firm don’t!
  • Never use products that contain acids on laminate or wood veneered surfaces, as they can cause dulling, discoloration, permanent marks and stains.
  • For an environmentally-conscious treatment of grease and lime residues, replace products that contain chlorine with oxygen-based whitening products (perborate or sodium perborate) and white wine vinegar.
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White - Stipple Finish 16

Change Material
White - Stipple Finish 16
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